Farm Vendors

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Our Farmer Vendors:

  • ALM Organic Farm / Full Circle Seeds – Vegetables, eggs, seedlings, seeds
  • Apple Luscious Organic Orchard – Apples, Asian pears
  • Barefoot Organics – Garlic
  • Carolyn’s Organic Garden – Produce
  • Eagle Paws Organics – Vegetables, fruits, seeds, plants, preserves
  • Elk Lake Farm – Fruit, vegetables, baked goods, jams, teas
  • Estevan Tuna – Albacore tuna, canned and frozen
  • Fat Fish Fridays – Salmon, wild, frozen, fillets & smoked
  • Fireweed Farm & Ravensong Seeds – Herb plants, herbs, produce
  • Flo n Live Greens – microgreens, kale, carrots, beets, basil and other herbs, and salad cells and strawberries.
  • Haliburton Farm – Vegetables, fruit, plant starts, flowers
  • Healing Farm – Vegetables, fruit, eggs, nuts, fruit juices and dehydrated fruit
  • Kildara Farms – Vegetables, fruit, eggs
  • Keith Mathers – Honey, beeswax, candles
  • Littlest Acre Organics – Various produce
  • Northstar Organics – Fruit and vegetables
  • Ravensong Seeds – Medicinal and culinary herb starts and seeds, native plants, bee plants, herbal products.
  • Rebecca’s Garden – Produce, preserves, seeds, bedding plants
  • Saanich Organics – Vegetables and berries
  • Salt Spring Sprouts and Exotic Mushrooms – Sprouts, mushrooms, sprout rolls
  • Square Root Farm – Vegetables, fruit
  • SunTrio Farm – Vegetables
  • Terra Nossa Farm – Pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, eggs, some vegetables & ornamentals
  • Umi Nami Farm – Vegetables, fruit
From our Farmers ~ Tips for successful produce-shopping at the Market
  • To ensure you get the best selection, shop early. Growers often bring only a few pounds of some items, and some things sell out quickly!
  • Bring your children to the market. Children should know where their food comes from and participate in the fun of choosing items.
  • Take time to talk with farmers. Building relationships with local farmers is part of the fun of the Market. Plus you might pick up some choice tips for home growing and cooking.
  • Plan on going straight home after shopping on hot days to protect the freshness of your purchases. Farmers work hard to get their product to the Market looking fresh and beautiful—don’t let it wilt!
  • Bring your own bags: most farmers will be able to supply plastic shopping bags if necessary but the Market strives to be ecologically sustainable and aims to be garbage-free.
  • Buy something unfamiliar to you. Moss Street Market is a great place to explore the many types of food that can be grown locally. Indulge your culinary sense of adventure, and remember to ask the farmer for preparation tips and recipes.

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