Services Review

Service Organizations

  1. Please ensure you have read over the Sell At The Market page on our website. Most importantly, read the Moss Street Market Policy Manualto ensure the items you wish to sell are in keeping with the Moss Street Market policies and philosophy. Note also, for reasons of liability, service vendors may not physically manipulate the bodies of members of the public, unless an insurance rider is provided to the market society by the practitioner that names as an additional insured, and gives indemnity to the Moss Street Market and the Fairfield Community Market Society.
  2. Complete an Service Application Form. Short-listed applicants may be invited to provide demonstrations of the services they wish to sell.
  3. We will contact you after the review to let you know if you have been accepted to sell at the Market. Once you have been approved you must pay the $31.50 Annual Membership Fee and applicable stall fees.