Education At The Market

In addition to creating a dynamic marketplace focused on sustainability and eco-awareness that supports our local economies and producers, the Moss Street Market is proud to be a place for community education and inspiration! In our governance model we state:

We strive to create an opportunity for community groups to convey information to their neighbours concerning important local, social, political and environmental issues.

We do this by providing spaces on market days to approved, local, Not-For-Profit (NFP), education and community groups.

How to book your NFP/Community Education Group at the Market:

1. Download and read the Market Policy Manual.
The Policy Manual outlines the specific policies Not For Profit & Community Education groups and provides an overview of the market. You must be familiar with the Moss Street Market Policy Manual and meet the vending requirements before applying to the NFP & Education Review Committee.

2. Contact the NFP & Education Review Committee to receive review information.
NFP and community education groups are approved in accordance with the policies and guidelines outlined in our Policy Manual, including any products that a group would like to sell at their booth. Forward a completed NFP Application Form to be reviewed. Note that the review process can take some time, especially if applying during weeks when the market is operating, as our selection committee is made up of busy vendors. Interested parties should apply with as much advance notice as possible. 

3. Be accepted to be a NFP/Education group.
If you have been approved by our review committee, you are ready to join the market as a NFP/Education organization. Approved NFP & Education organizations are not required to purchase a market membership.

4. Book a Market Date.
Once approved, contact us to book the date(s) your organization would like to be at the market. The market sets aside a certain number of spaces on every market day for NFP organizations and community groups. These limited spaces are offered at $35 plus GST per market, payable on the booked day. Each NFP/community organization is responsible for bringing and setting up their own tables, chairs and/or a tent.

For more information on our vision of community and policies at the market, visit our Market Governance page