Moss Street Market Apple Pie Celebration

apple-pieOnce again we are celebrating the apple pie at Moss Street Market. Saturday, October 18, 10AM to whenever pies are gone.

When we had the Applie Pie Celebration last, in 2011, it was an electric happening, with such a buzz, and pies were all gone by 11:30 AM. 22 chefs baking 2 pies each. People were lined up to get pies. Smiles were from ear to ear. IT WAS FABULOUS.

Harry Burton is seeking pie makers. Anyone from Chefs to Homemakers is welcome to contribute. Please contact Harry at harryburton@shaw.ca if you are interested. He needs at least 20 pie makers to make this event work properly. Please spread the word also.

a) Apples of a known variety are given to the chef.
b) Each Chefs each bake 2 pies/apple desserts using a known apple variety. Apple variety must be labelled.
c) We hope that chefs can attend. Each chef will place an 8.5 by 11 inch identification/ description in front of their pies.
d) Participating chef does not have to attend, and then we can place volunteers behind the table to serve.
e) Pies are donated and pieces are sold to raise money. After expenses money split between Island Chefs Collaborative, Moss Street Market and a local charity.
f) Each piece of pie consisting of 3 different pie samples costs $5.

¨ Apples of a known variety would be donated to each chef. (about 4 pounds for 2 pies).
¨ On the display table, will be the 2 pies from each chef, plus a 8.5 by 11.5 inch display card about each chef/hotel/restaurant they are connected with. Each chef can write what they want. It is suggested that the chef be present, but we can place volunteers behind the table to serve, if they cannot attend.
¨ A normal pie is usually cut into 6 pieces. We are going to further split each of those pieces into 3, so that each pie now has 18 pieces.
¨ Each customer, paying $5, gets the equivalent of one piece of pie, but it is made up of samples from their choice of 3 different desserts. This way the customer really gets to sample 3 desserts that equal the size of one piece of pie.
¨ The apple variety used in the baking is also listed on this page.
¨ We get some local celebrities to also taste the pies. We had Lana Popham to be one of the tasters in 2011, and we hope to recruit at least 4 celebrities.
¨ Participating chef does not have to attend, so then it is even more important to get a nice one page chef promotional piece to place behind the pies. Pies (desserts) would be labels with Chef’s Description of the pie and apple variety used in the pie.


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