Chef’s Stage with Michael Williams

Chef's Stage Banner

This year we are proud to feature our ‘staff chef’, Michael Williams, at every market through October, starting at 1:00 pm.

You may have seen him on Shaw TV as Country Grocer’s “Island Chef” or you may have taken one of his tasty cooking classes at Cook Culture. Now you will find Chef Michael Williams at our Chef’s Stage every Saturday at 1pm. Michael will be teaching you how to incorporate fresh, local, in-season produce into your weekly menu.

Whether on TV or in the class room kitchen, Michael’s passion really comes through when teaching people how to cook simple, powerful and tasty everyday meals. Using techniques from many cuisines, Michael’s recipes focus on health, nutrition and most importantly, enjoyment. With the abundance of possibilities at the Moss Street Market, there will be lots of fun to be had. Make sure to come watch Chef Michael to learn new ways to enjoy your fresh produce!


This is what local means to us.

MSM Farms, 2014See the map here to see the name of each farm.



AGM Time Change

Moss Street Market’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) times are changing. Same day (Sunday, February 23) but now 2 to 5 pm, in the Garry Oak Room.