MSM History & Narratives

Madoka Yasumura and Umi Nami Farm

Madoka Yasumura, who represents Umi  Nami  Farm at Moss Street Market, has watched the market grow over the last fourteen years. When they first started  plenty of people believed that cucumbers grew shrink – wrapped. Today people have become more trusting of the Moss Street vegetables offered and often ask for new uses for the products  that they eat and use.

At the Moss Street Market, as with the Umi Nami  Farms, the customer is able to question the producer about the method of production and the way they farm. The unique advantage of a farmers market is that those questions  and concerns are asked and answered immediately.  Madoka knows her products well, “Shoppers usually want to know whether something is organic or not. The questions are usually intelligent and well thought out and demand honest answers. “Stallholders like it because they get appreciation for their efforts. It is amazing to watch how quickly the rapport is built up with their regular customers. Madoka states “It was different when we started , we were apprehensive at first but we quickly found out what was needed, and the Moss Street atmosphere was lovely.”  It is reassuring that people come back time and again and tell us how much they like the products, this is a real confidence booster.

Madoka is very popular with her customers and the other stall holders because she always has an infectious smile and a good word for everyone. Through her and her fellow staff members, the Umi Nami farm has brought their special brand of farming right to Victoria’s doorstep. Madoka is confident about her role in the market. She is aways available  for a chat or to show a customer how to properly prepare  and use Japanese vegetables . As a Moss Street regular she has earned the respect of both her fellow workers and her loyal customers. She is a valued asset to both the Moss Street Market and Umi Nami Farms. So next you come to Moss Street seek her out and say Hi or Konnichiwa. She answers to both.