Music At The Market

Performing at the Market

The O'BriensWe are accepting applications for performers for the 2017 season.

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Our 2016 Musicians:

The O’Briens, Monterey Concert Band, Charlie Burton, Chick Wagon, Trilogy, The Phatfunks, Hot Club of Canada, Funk Cannon, Trifaucis, Tim Stortm & Lucile Drive, Karly Summers, Dave Lang & the Insolent Rabble, Martini ’65, Swingkey, The ReverboMatics, Doctor Bones Project,  Taylor and Sampson, Scotty Hills, Kariba Surprise, Brad Prevedoros, Spiral Swing Orchestra, Jessica Benini, Terry Brennan, The Klez, Blake Andison, Victor Wells, Bob Nelson, and Little Crow