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Performing at the Market

We are accepting applications for performers for the 2016 season.

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Our 2015 Musicians:

The O'Briens

The O’Briens (our ‘house’ band’, playing every second Saturday), Auto Jansz, Rabble Berries, West My Friend, Theresa Pasaluko, Victor Wells, Dave Lang & the Insolent Rabble, Terry Brennan, Kariba Surprise, Bijoux du Bayou, Martini ’65, Shoetring Bourbon, Swingkey, Jana Seale, Jessica Benini, Spiral Swing Orchestra, The Klez, Funk Cannon, Trifaucis, Downtown Mischief, Peter Willing’s Rockin’ Out With Ollie, Blake Andison, Brad Prevedoros, Heart & Stone, Daniel Chudyk and Simon Haisell