Monthly Archives: February 2009

Welcome to our new Market website!

We hope you enjoy looking around. We’ll be uploading information over the coming weeks. Come back frequently to see what’s new!

Our Most Recent News

Moss Street Market is Hiring!
Click on the Market Staff button to see the list of openings, and to download information.

Our Annual General Meeting is Coming Up!
Saturday, March 27th, 2010
1pm – 4pm in the Garry Oak Room, Thurlow Rd.

Bring your own mug for refreshments.
Click on the Market Governance button for more details.

The Market Office is Closed until March 2010!
Please contact us in March 2010 if you have questions or require information about the 2010 Market Season (eg. If you are interested in being a Vendor in 2010, or are an existing Vendor and have questions or requests for the coming season).